Read the text, put the words below into the text and make up a diagram of the British government.


Read the text, put the words below into the text and make up a diagram of the British government.

The Queen is…. However, she has no…. She acts only on the advice of her ministers, which she cannot …. The United Kingdom is governed by … in the name of the Queen.

Parliament consists of … and … with 650 elected members. … selects a Cabinet of ministers to govern the nation.

Britain does not have a …. Instead, there is a collection of laws and customs which can be altered by ….

Ignore head of state the House of Commons political power The Prime Minister Parliament Her Majesty’s government constitution the House of Lords

Word check

1. Match the words to make up word combinations. Comment on their meaning:

a) Written 1) implications

b) General 2) assent

c) Royal 3) law

d) Ceremonial 4) problems

e) Political 5) election

f) Marital 6) duties

2. Form derivatives to the following:






3. Add proper prefixes to form antonyms for the following:

Democratic -……………

Patriotic -……………….

Continuity - ……………

4. From the box below, choose proper continuation to the following:

Private income, the royal assent, policies, the government, taxation, Parliament, the law.


1. It is the Queen who summons and dissolves ………

2. The Queen can choose anybody to run …………….

3. The Queen embodies ………… in the court.

4. The Queen could refuse ……………… to a bill passed by Parliament.

5. The Queen cannot stop the government going ahead with any of its ……….

6. Elizabeth II had been exempt from ………..

7. The Queen decided that she would start paying taxes on her ………..

5. In the text, find proper equivalents to the following:

1. дословно

2. лично

3. номинальный глава

4. выход, отдушина

5. возвышенность, духовная сила

6. падение энтузиазма

7. быть вне закона

Correct or justify the following statements:

1. ..... “the people is a very important concept in British law”.

2. ..... It's impossible to have a talk with a British citizen.

3. ..... The Queen signs all the documents herself.

4. ..... It takes the Queen a long time to compose the speech for the State Opening of Parliament.

5. ..... The USA and Great Britain have similar symbols of the country?

6. ..... All the ceremonial events in which the Queen participates are reduntant.

7. …..The glamorous lives of the Windsors provide a source of entertainment for the public.

8. All members of the Royal family are treated in the same way by the public.

9. ..... The Queen is the richest person in the world.

10. Parts of Winsdor Castle were opened for the world visits to raise money to help pay for the repairs of Buckingham Palace.

Say if you agree or .disagree with the following and explain why:

1. The monarchy isn’t extremely popular with the British nowadays.

2. The existence of a ruling monarch in Great Britain contributes to the stability in the country.

3. The Queen and her family are quite indispensable for the economy of the country.

4. Nowadays the Windsors cannot serve as an example of ideal Christian family life.

5. It is the subject of money spent on the royal family by the state that makes the Queen less popular even among her supporters.

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