Упражнение1:Переведите предложения, используя прием сужения исходного значения.

1. There we are likely to see an inhospitable land of rocks and crazily precipitous crags and mountains under a big sky.

2. The tree also is sitting quietly, doing nothing, actually all parts of the cosmos are doing the same thing – being.

3. When we, human beings, can stop using language or when we can use it to cope purely and only with the present moment, we find that the quality of our living is changed.

4. When we sit quietly with the same unselfconscious concentration, we also generate organismal joy.

5. Many of us tend to think of life as a parade, something planned to be a triumph of artifice over nature.

6. True insight does not issue from specialised knowledge but comes from the preconscious intuitions of one’s whole being, from one’s own code.

Упражнение2:Переведите предложения на английский язык, используя прием расширения исходного значения.

1. Городские стены служили гарантией независимости и самоуправления народа: только они могли обеспечить процветание торговли, искусств, ремесел и светской, мирской литературы.

2. Городская— деревянная и каменная – Русь возникла в последних веках первого тысячелетия нашей эры на перекрестке важнейших торговых путей Восточной Европы.

3. Этот Север я находил в записках моих предшественников, которые стали первыми исследователями края.

4. Не только средневековье, но и наше цивилизованное время наполнено до отказа войнами и грабежами, масштабы которых не могли присниться викингам и в кошмарных снах.

5. Воспитательное значение искусства всего удобнее определить его отношением к нравственности.

Упражнение3:Найдите соответствия для выделенных в тексте слов с учетом эмфатизации или нейтрализации значений. В тех случаях, когда возможны оба варианта, дайте обоснование предпочтительного выбора. Переводя текст в целом на русский язык, отметьте в нем единицы, требующие таких переводческих приемов, как транскрипция, сужение или расширение значения.

At one point during my career I held an administrative point in the government, which generally precluded the practice if ongoing therapy. I did from time to time,however see people for brief consultations. Often they were high-ranking political figures. One such was Mr. R., a wealthy lawyer on leave of absence from his firm while serving as general counsel to a large federal department. It was June. Mr. R. Had consulted me about his son, Roger, who had turned fifteen the month before. Although Roger had been a good scholar in one of the suburban public schools, his marks had declined gradually but steadily throughout the ninth grade. In his end-of-the-year evaluation the school guidance counsellor had told Mr. and Mrs. R. that Roger would be promoted to the tenth grade but suggested a psychiatric evaluation to determine the cause of his academic decline.

Упражнение4:Подберите функциональные замены к выделенным в английских примерах единицам. Переведите тексты на русский язык.

1. In many parts of Grate Britain, the custom of First-footing in the earlz hours of Januarz 1st is kept with great vigour. The First Foot comes as soon as possible after midnight has struck. The First Foot is traditionallz supposed to influence fortunes of the householders in the following twelve months.

2. The Old and unusual game known as the Hood Game, or Throwing the Hood, is played every year on Old Christmas Day, January 6th at Haxey in north Lincolnshire. The ceremonies of Haxey Hood begin in the early afternoon with the procession of the Fool and his twelve Boggans up the village street to a small green place outside the parish church. The Boggans are the official team and play against all comers. Chief among them is the King Boggan, or Lord of the Hood, who carries a wand, or roll of thirteen willows’ as a badge of office. He and his team should wear scarlet flannel coats and hats wreathed with red flowers. The “hoods” used in the game bear no resemblance to the headgear from which they are supposed to take their name. The main hood, or Leather Hood, is a two-foot length of thick rope encased in stout leather. The lesser ”hoods” are tightly-rolled pieces of canvas, tied with ribbons.

3. Jack-in-the Green is that very ancient figure who represents the Summer. As Green George, or the Wild Man, his counterparts exist all over Europe. In England, he takes the form of a man encased in a high wicker work cage which completely covers him and is in its turn entirely smothered in green branches, leaves and flowers. Only his eyes are visible, looking through the hole cut in, the cage, and his feet below the level of the wicke-work. Sometimes he goes about alone, sometimes with only a few attendants , and a musician or two.

4. Egg-shaking takes place on Easter Monday, or Ducking Monday, as it is often called in Eastern Europe. Young men splash unmarried girls vigorously with water. The girls are, of course, expected to submit with good grace, and even, in some areas, to pay for the privilege with gifts of painted eggs, or glasses of brandy.

Упражнение 5:Подберите функциональные замены к следующим словам и выражениям при переводе на английский язык.


Дед Мороз

Кощей Бессмертный



утро вечера мудренее

избушка на курьих ножках

в тридевятом царстве, в тридесятом государстве

Баба-Яга, Костяная Нога

Иван Грозный

Лобное место на Красной площади

Повести временных лет

Слово о полку Игореве

пасхальный кулич

Господин Великий Новгород

путь из варяг в греки.

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