And the two supported each other in their

restless effort to defend Norway’s

Interests. The Crown Prince wanted to go

Home as a symbolic proof that the King

And the government would one day come

Back from the exile, but eventually he

followed the government’s advice not to.

Although he was in exile, his military

And diplomatic role was very important.

He had an inspiring influence on the

Norwegian forces spread in Britain and

Canada, and he became Norway’s

“extraordinary ambassador” in the USA

together with Crown Princess Märtha. C. LEON: Sociopolitical Aspects of the Norwegian Monarchy 101

His speeches, especially the New Year

Ones, made him popular by their important

Political message, but also by their wise

words, such as “Life and death are parts of

the same fantastic whole.” (“Livet og

døden er deler av den samme eventyrlige


Throughout the oil crisis of 1973 the

King wanted to be treated as an ordinary

Person, that is why he insisted on being a

Simple passenger on the tram and paying

For himself as everybody else. He did not

Have any official life guards, but he had the

Norwegians on his side.

King Olav was interested in integrating

People who had a foreign cultural

Background because he wanted to be king

For everybody. He called the immigrants

“our new compatriots” (“våre nye

landsmenn”). He had them learn the

Norwegian language, know the Norwegian

Culture and laws so that they could take

Part in social activities on the same footing

As others. He proved that he also fought for

the immigrants’ interests and had in mind a

Positive stress on refugees and asylum


Throughout his life he appreciated

Human value and respect for the individual,

Irrespective of race and religion. The

Norwegians ought not to know racism and

Hatred of the foreigners, but they had to

Follow such values as tolerance. In this

Way, difference does not become a reason

For enmity.

King Olav got directly involved in the

refugees’ problems by being the supreme

Protector of the Refugee Council in April

On the other hand, Crown Princess

Sonja was the chairman of the committee

for the fund-raising campaign “Refugee

A historic private fund-raising on TV,

Totalling 22,5 million crowns, which got

Exuberant congratulations. She was as well

a member of the campaign’s committee in

“Refugee 79”.

King Harald was the first prince born on

Norwegian ground after 567 years. Under

The German occupation of Norway, he

Lived in the USA together with his mother

And two sisters. King Harald also shows

That the spirit of community is an

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