Answer the questions. 1 When is flying through storms especially frightening?

1 When is flying through storms especially frightening?

2 How does she fly through a line of storms?

3 When is the radar particularly useful?

4 What can’t pilots prepare for? Why?

5 How far did she once divert? Why?

TEXT 17 (2.14 – Track 17) BAD WEATHER

Listen to an instructor giving a presentation to a group of ab-initio air-traffic controllers.

Make notes under the headings.

Rules and restrictions Passenger injuries
Summer weather Departures

Choose the best title for the talk.

a The top five weather conditions which affect aviation.

b Comparison of the effects of summer and winter weather patterns.

c How weather affects flight scheduling.

TEXT 18 (2.17 – Track 18) DEPRESSURIZATION

Listen to a news report on a depressurization incident.

Correct the five errors in the summary.

An oxygen cylinder blew a hole in an A330 leading to a loss of cabin pressure. The aircraft left Oslo with 384 passengers and eight crew. Aloud bang was heard just after take-off. No one was hurt but a one-metre rupture was discovered in fuselage. Cylinders had failed on other aircraft but usually as a result of internal causes such as fire.

Choose the most suitable heading.

a Terrorist attack grounds plane.

b Oxygen cylinder turns into bomb.

c Lucky escape for passengers.

TEXT 19 (2.20 – Track 19) PASSENGER PROBLEMS

  • Международное право в правовых системах в широком смысле. 29 страница
  • Храмы других религий
  • Кріпильні різьбові деталі, їхні конструкції та матеріали
  • Учимся делать упражнение «Качели».
  • Что припасла душа, то и на тот свет понесла.
  • Свет великих Мистерий 5 страница
  • Аннотация 10 страница. Даффи сделала вялый жест.
  • Тренировочные пистолеты
  • СОБӨЖ Сайын Мұратбековтің соғыс жылдарындағы ауыл өмірі туралы жазған
  • Війна проти амалекитян 1-9; непослух Саула 10-31; смерть Агага 32-35
  • Практическая часть. 1. Ознакомиться с теоретической частью лабораторной работы.
  • Нью-Йорк, Бруклин, полдень, среда, 20 февраля 1946 года
  • Kebiishi ni towaretaru hōmen no monogatari
  • Актуальность.
  • Саннам бхагам итигана
  • Взросление
  • Мельница имени шейха Мусы