Write a letter of at least 100 words.

Do not write any dates and addresses.



Shop till I drop/shop till the cows come home

Constructions- the more-the better

I keep doing

I used to do

I enjoy

I can’t help

Seldom have I been to a better shop!

There is no stopping me when I go shopping!

Lexis:-be fashion-conscious/

Smart and casual

To dress up

Changing rooms

Buy in the sale

Look for

If I were you/in your shoes

Special offers

To give discounts/at a discount

I can’t limit myself to my shopping list

A shopaholic

I can’t fight a desire to buy sth extra


Prefer sth to sth

The mecca of teen fashion

An ordinary shopper

To spend a fortune on outfits

Tastes differ

Bring out a new product

To catch on

Every time I come across a new outfit

[19.05.2011 22:22:51] Kudryavtseva Nadia: Task 20

Last year you and your family celebrated the New Year with your friends in their small country house not far from your place. Write a letter to your British pen-friend about this celebration. Don’t forget to mention

How you got to the country house

what the weather was like on New Year’s Eve

What special dishes you had for the holiday dinner

How you spent the time and what gifts you prepared for your family and friends.

Write an informal letter of at least 100 words.

Do not write any dates and addresses.

[19.05.2011 22:23:05] Kudryavtseva Nadia: Task 21

You’ve received a letter from your English pen-friend. He/she wrote that he/she had problems with the study of French at school and thought that French lessons were tiresome and not interesting. He/she likes Maths and History better than French. Write a letter to your pen-friend in which you write

–5 constr/5 lexis/idoms/5 phrasals

Why studying foreign languages is important

–a good command/pick up a language/good at

Get to the top/hard-working/ambitious/in great demand/tough competition

Make progress in

About the foreign language lessons in your school

once/twice/ecxiting-boring/nobody tries to do his best/extensively prepare for

although they are native speakers/to get an insight into

fond of/quick learner

about your foreign language teacher/teachers


advise him/her how to make the study of foreign languages easier and more interesting.

Set high but realistic targets/make the most of your lessons

An essential part/why don’t you do/how about doing/what about doing/have you considered doing

Above all/you have no alternative/change your mind/at first sight/from my point of view/a good beginning is half the battle

The more languages you know///keep learning/I wish I did/find it difficult to do/get used to it/count on/feel up to/go in for

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